Medicine Wheel

If high mountain vistas are your thing, this all-day ride is for you! Start your morning on Interstate 90, north past Sheridan, to Ranchester. From there, jump onto Scenic Byway, U.S. Highway 14, and head west. This road will split and if weather allows, you’ll be taking the alternate route. This way, you’ll get to see the sacred treasure Wyoming calls the Medicine Wheel.
The Medicine Wheel sits atop Medicine Mountain, measures about 80 feet in diameter, and is thought to have been constructed as early as 1200 A.D. There are many who believe the circle is a reflection of the essence of life and that creating a circle is a sacred action. This structure embodies the essence of the Native American life. Many have experienced their vision quest, a place of ritual, prayer, and lasting vision.
There is a designated parking area at the beginning of the trail and it will be necessary to walk 1 ½ miles to the National Historic Landmark. The view is well worth the walk, with distant, high peaks and the vastness of the Bighorn Basin.

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