Dry Creek Petrified Tree Environmental Education Area

The Dry Creek Petrified Tree Environmental Education Area is located 13 miles east of Buffalo and features a 0.8 mile interpretive walking trail. This area of Johnson County is an excellent place to see evidence of the Paleocene swamp landscape. The petrified trees formerly towered as Metasequoia (Dawn Redwoods) trees at the edge of an ancient swamp.
Scientists believe this area was the site of massive flooding that buried the lower trunks and roots in sediments while the branches died and decayed. The submerged roots and trunks were preserved because there was not any oxygen in the soil to allow decay. The trunks and trees gradually turned into different colored rocks, depending on the minerals absorbed during the petrification process.
• Carbon: Black
• Cobalt: Green/Blue
• Chromium: Green/Blue
• Copper: Green/Blue
• Iron Oxides: Red/Brown/Yellow
• Manganese: Pink/Orange
• Manganese Oxides: Black/Yellow

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