Battle of the Bighorns

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Rosebud Battlefield Distance 0.00 miles

Start your morning off right after breakfast, with a drive up into Montana for this Battlefield Ride. Take a short run on Interstate 90 to Piney Creek Road and then through Story, Wyoming on old Highway 87, straight up into Sheridan. This scenic route may take a bit longer than the interstate, but it’s well worth it. Make a quick pit stop to fuel up for the journey into the “Treasure State”. After leaving Sheridan, you’ll cross into Montana. Drive up the Rosebud Valley and into the Ros... Read more...

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Custer National Cemetery Distance 0.00 miles

After visiting Rosebud, continue north and head west at the end of the road. Stop for lunch at Custer Battlefield Trading post, located in the heart of Crow Country. They carry a full menu and have the very best Indian Taco, along with Buffalo steaks and burgers.

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Little Bighorn Battlefied National Monument Distance 0.00 miles

After filling your belly, head across to the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Don’t forget to stop at Custer National Cemetery and the Seventh Calvary Memorial along the way! The Little Bighorn Battlefield is a poignant place, very unchanged since 1876, when the most famous of battles between the US Army and the Plains Indians took place.

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