About Sneaker Tours

What is Sneaker Tours?

Sneaker Tours offers "free walking and driving tours", as created by our members, such as Chambers of Commerce, Museums, Historical Societies and Downtown Associations. For those members, we provide a very-low cost method of promoting your locale, free to your visitors, via our website and mobile applications. For the public, we offer a great way to enjoy your visit!

Tourist or Travel Enthusiasts:

Now you can enjoy landmarks where you're vacationing, and take the experience home! As we add more content, you'll be able to utilize our website and apps anywhere you go.

Chambers, Museums, Tourism Specialists, Historical Societies, Tour Operators, and More:

Starting at only $50, we offer you the following benefits for your walking and driving tours:

  • Create your own tours for visitors to access via their mobile devices.
  • Nation-Wide: As we expand nation-wide, users have incentives to "check back in" when they're home from their location. That means they keep coming back to the Sneaker Tours App or Website.
  • Mutual Promotion: Your local organizations and business are typically mutually promoting Sneaker Tours.

How Did Sneaker Tours Start?

Our founders are involved in the community, promoting mutual business opportunities for all. In our community, there are lots of hidden treasures, from the history, many museums, and awesome places to see. We wanted to let people know of what we have, and to come up with a way to include all local businesses in downtown-promotion efforts, regardless of whether they're affiliated with an organization.

In putting all that together, we realize almost every community has many special things to share. So, we created SneakerTours!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide low-cost mobile tour applications which promote tourism and additional enjoyment for travelers and tourists. By keeping a low cost for tourism-related organizations, we can build and promote local communities and tourism around the country!

Our Partners